3 common challenges Australian Logistics Managers face with Sea Freight

  Sea Freight is the most ancient and the most common way to transport bulk products from one country to another. With the advancement of the modern world, it increases its logistics system day by day. This rapid advancement comes with several challenges for logistics manager. These challenges are usually due to some factors like […]

3 simple Ways to Enhance your Import Process from China to Australia

  With modern trade ways, Australia and China are successfully contributing to the world economy. Both countries are joined together in the arena of business competition. According to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia imports goods including mining equipment, building materials, telecom, furniture, garment, surgical instruments, heavy machinery, and others Chinese products for […]

3 Benefits of Continuous Improvement in Supply Chain Logistics

Continuous improvement is a philosophy of the company’s constant sustainability on which a business motto is based. In a good supply chain logistics, every process from manufacturing to delivery is well-organized according to the customers’ demand. This well-organized logistics is indirectly increasing the continuous improvement of the business. This continuous improvement is not only the […]

Top 4 Reasons To Choose Sea Freight Over Air Freight

Sea Freight is one of the oldest modes to transport goods from one country to another. It is considered to be the most economical and efficient shipping service through which more than 90 percent of the goods, every year, are being transported from all over the world. But why most of the companies adopt Sea […]

How to find a suitable Warehouse to store your products

A need to store a bulk quantity of products always creates frustration for companies in finding out a suitable warehouse. They demand a warehouse that has a convenient location and reasonable rent price. Because the location and the price of a warehouse directly contribute the overall customers’ experience and the efficiency of the company.  For […]

Three Benefits of purchasing shipping insurance through a third-party Logistics

  Shipping insurance is the only key service to protect your products against any stolen or damage risk during shipping. In the case of any sudden loss, it can not only cover your products’ costs but also cover your freight expenses. For this purpose, a third-party logistics such as Australia Freight Logistics is a smartest […]

How Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Providers reduce your Supply Chain Pressure

Supply chain encounters different strategic and operational challenges, in the complex hierarchy of a large business, to successfully complete the customers’ demand. It increases the customers’ reliability through its well-organized management. Without a proper supply chain, a business company can face undesirable consequences like unfulfilled orders and a sudden decline in the market. Many business […]

Top 3 reasons to choose Air Freight over Sea Freight

With the advancement of technology, both Air and Sea Freight are revolutionizing the face of International Freight forwarding modes. Both services are participating, equally, in handling the import and export system all over the world. But every week, CEOs and operation managers from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Victoria, and other Australia’s cities, contact Australia Freight Logistics […]

How to find a reliable freight forwarding company in Australia?

Australia, no doubt, plays a significant role to strengthen the world’s economy by introducing its proper import and export system. All of its ports especially Port Hedland, Dampier, Port of Brisbane, Port of Melbourne and Port Jackson are always busy for small and large companies’ logistics. These companies hire freight forwarding and logistics companies for […]


China is the 1st country in the list of Australia’s largest business partners in 2018, representing 26.5% of the total trade, $136.67bn over the year. Also was the main destination for Australian exports. China represents a core partner for freight forwarders in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane port. Exports to China were $75.2bn, or 30.8% of Australia’s total exports and […]