Top 3 reasons to choose Air Freight in Australia over Sea Freight

With the advancement of technology, both Air Freight in Australia and Sea Freight are revolutionizing the face of International Freight forwarding modes. Both services are participating, equally, in handling the import and export system all over the world. But every week, CEOs and operation managers from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Victoria, and other Australia’s cities, contact Australia Freight Logistics to ask reasonable packages in air freight services. Sometimes, they prefer Air Freight services over Sea Freight Services to transfer their products. Australia Freight Logistics offers them its special prices that not only save their time but also sustain their profit margins. Below are the top three reasons why business companies prefer Air freight services over Sea freight services.

The Fastest way to deliver your goods

Fastest delivery time is one of the main reasons to opt the Air Freight services. In some cases, there is a need to urgently deliver the products across long distances whether it is at the manufacturing, distribution or the end-delivery stage. For that purpose, Air Freight in Australia delivers the products in the short span of time as compared to sea freight. For instance, sea freight services provide 15 to 20 days of an average time shipping of Australia to China, while on the other hand, air freight provides 1 to 5 days of an average time shipping for the same destination.

A Fixed on-time delivery

Once a forwarding company completes the whole booking procedure of air freight services, then a time frame, on which the products are expected to deliver, is allocated by Air Freight in Australia providers. Additionally, the products are being shipped by passengers’ aircraft that enable them to arrive on the estimated time delivery. It has fewer chances of delay due to weather conditions and other technical issues, unlike Sea Freight services which may give results of demurrage charges.

Best Service Availability

Sea freight services have less available time in advance booking and also to complete the documentation to get space for the next available ship. While on the other hand, air freight services provide, freight managers, multiple daily carriers that enable their goods to be shipped as soon as they complete their documents.

It is important to choose an experienced 3PL like Australia Freight Logistics if your business requires a fast and on-time delivery. Third-Party Logistics can assist you better in preparing your documents with multiple service options.  

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