Air News -Boeing stops supplying 737 MAX

Air News -Boeing stops supplying 737 MAX after Ethiopian Airlines accident and causes millions worth losses to their Manufacturers.


Boeing 737 MAX deliveries have been stopped by the American airplane manufacturer after being banned from most countries. Despite this delivery shortage decision, Boeing decided not to stop manufacturing this model (over 5,000 are on order) but they will develop another software what will improve the current one. This supply chain disruption can cause industrial snags. Boeing started developing a new Cargo Freight aeroplane based in Boeing 737 MAX but official sources from Boeing said they won’t move forward this idea.

Here in the Australia, Air Freight operations haven’t been stopped, only passenger flights are affected. Melbourne Airport has seen few companies stopped their activity in Tullamarine with Boeing 737 MAX, like Fiji Airways.

Freight companies in Melbourne and Freight companies in Sydney are worried about the disruptions this situation can cause in the International Logistics, but they keep their hope in Boeing and it’s new improvements for maintaining the Australia Distribution environment calm.

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