3 simple Ways to Enhance your Import Process from China to Australia


With modern trade ways, Australia and China are successfully contributing to the world economy. Both countries are joined together in the arena of business competition. According to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia imports goods including mining equipment, building materials, telecom, furniture, garment, surgical instruments, heavy machinery, and others Chinese products for $47 billion AUD in 2018. Now, both countries are also looking for more ways to become more competitive in trade. This blog is made to support Australian start-up companies to contribute to IMPORT FROM CHINA TO AUSTRALIA For that purpose, we bring the following 3 simple ways that will definitely help Australian start-up companies to enhance their import process from China to Australia. 


Meet your Chinese supplier by Visit China 


The best way to import from China to Australia is to meet your supplier directly at his state. Your visit will definitely show your seriousness related to your business and also help you to understand the Chinese business culture. Most of the business companies visit China when there is a business exhibition or any event related to it. Such occasions are usually arranged for start-up companies to introduce their business motives and develop a close relation for supplier and buyer. 


Avoid from the Cheapest Supplier 

Importing from China, there is a lot of business suppliers who are ready to give you the cheapest rate in the market. if you come across the cheapest quote, you should check the company’s whole set-up from manufacturing to a delivery system. If you are not well in the inspection, you should ask the company about any reference of Australian buyer. IMPORT FROM CHINA TO AUSTRALIA is a good business but many leading companies in Australia do not recommend to deal with the cheapest suppliers in China. 

A definite way of payment terms 


During dealing with a supplier in China, there will be a need for advance payment for your goods. For that purpose, it is necessary to make a clear and definite agreement of payment terms to move forward in trading. Both parties should be aware of and follow the incoterms during purchasing. At the beginning of the new company set-up, it might be difficult to pay attention to all these precautions. The best way to play well in the start-up is to get counselling from freight forwarding companies like Australia Freight Logistics. They have decades of experience in import and shipping procedures and are able to provide a proper road map.

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