Road Freight Companies in Australia: Trucks overload Hume HW

Not few are the freight transporters in Australia, there is an area what takes more than 50% of the Domestic freight in Australia, that area is Hume HW, starting in Melbourne and Finishing in Sydney.
Around 7,000 trucks from freight companies are seen every day. Most of the Australian domestic cargo companies are using that route for the operations and that situation is crating new business opportunities in the surrounding areas and main cities along Hume Highway.
Not only international shippers are moving goods from Melbourne to Sydney but Domestic Freight Transporters, who are the main users of the route.

Generating annually $1,7bn worth business is one of the most profitable and busy freight routes in the world. Melbourne Freight Transporters association remarks that more than 50,000 shipping companies in Australia are using this route due to it operations’ margin are being reduced affecting workforce and market regulations.

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