Top 4 Reasons To Choose Sea Freight companies in Sydney Over Air Cargo in Australia

Sea freight companies in Sydney one of the oldest modes to transport goods from one country to another. It is considered to be the most economical and efficient shipping service through which more than 90 percent of the goods, every year, are being transported from all over the world. But why most of the sea freight companies in Sydney adopt Sea Freight to supply their products instead of Air Freight? In this blog, we bring four major reasons to describe you. Before answer, we are here to inform you that Australia Freight Logistics is providing Australia and its region the best Sea Freight services’ packages. Furthermore, it also provides 3PL services to handle your shipping on Port Hedland, Dampier, Port of Brisbane, Port of
Melbourne, Port Jackson and other Australia’s ports.

Low costs with high profit Margins

The cheapest way for shipping is one of the major reasons that many business owners adopt Sea Freight services over Air Freight services. In its low rates, it offers a large space for shipping as compared to air freight. An average cost of sea freight, comparatively, is five to six times less expensive than sea freight companies in Sydney.

More Space with full Efficiency

Availability of more space always plays an important role during the shipment of oversized, heavy and bulky order. In Air freight services, there are certain limitations that do not offer more space and freedom of size. While on the other hand, sea freight welcomes every size and weight of goods with much more flexibility in terms of space and dimensions.

More time for CAT Documentation

In sea or air freight shipment, the first priority of every industry is to complete the process of documents on time. The industry’s process that gives a guarantee to deliver shipment on time without any problem is called CAT (complete-accurate-timely) documentation. Due to the fastest delivery of sea freight companies in Sydneys, it does not provide enough time to compete with the complexity of documentation. While sea freight satisfies both, company and customer, to provide longer transit time that allows them to achieve CAT documentation.

Less harmful mode for Environment

Sea shipping, as compared to air and road transportation, has fewer disadvantages for the environment and life. It produces a few amounts of exhaust gas for each ton of cargo transported than any other shipping method. For environment protection, all sea freight companies in Sydney should reduce their carbon footprint by choosing sea freight when they have enough delivery time.

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